You might have questions about my practice, training or particular experience that might help me to understand what's happening for you.

My professional training was from Wpf Therapy, a charitable clinic in London, which is a leading provider of low cost support to anyone over 18 who needs help.

I trained over five years and my qualification is accredited by the BACP and the UKCP, organisations which maintain clinical standards in the psychotherapy profession.

With adults, I have worked in private psychotherapy practice, in some cases over many years to explore slowly and at depth and with others I have taken a shorter, focused approach to address specific problems. I have also worked in an NHS hospital setting, where I had a fixed amount of time to attend to a considerable amount of distress and try to alleviate suffering.

I am currently part of the clinical staff in an adolescent service where I see young people who are depressed, anxious, often hurting themselves and having a difficult time being in their body and in their relationships.

I practice within a network of professionals as a registered clinician with the British Psychoanalytic Council, I work under clinical supervision, according to the BPC’s ethical framework and standards of practice. I have also been helped by therapy myself over many years.